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Virtual Memory

A process is what we usually call a program. Each process gets its own memory sometimes called virtual memory. Usually, it’s known as a process address space. Since each process has an isolated, distinct address space, a crash of one process will not bring down other processes. When virtual memory allocates more space for the… Read More Virtual Memory

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E-business Models

There are four generic business webs or e-business models which are used by various companies.        1. Aggregation The Aggregation business web enables the flow of goods and services from the producers to its customers through an aggregator creating value for both. For example, Egg Financial services which offer insurance, mortgage, credit card and… Read More E-business Models

Case Study

The Crash of Ariane 5

Abstract—Software bugs have always been a part of software development. Code can never be free of errors. The errors must be found and corrected. The failure of Ariane 5 rocket is the most famous and expensive software bug in history. The code for the Inertial Reference System of Ariane 5 was inherited from Ariane 4.… Read More The Crash of Ariane 5


Uber drivers get poorly paid and passengers are charged way more than they should

Over the years, Uber prices have increased a lot for their riders but the drivers have been consistently underpaid. Uber drivers argue that the gap between the driver’s compensation and the riders pay has been getting wider and wider. An Uber driver in North Carolina filed a lawsuit against Uber in February 2017, claiming that… Read More Uber drivers get poorly paid and passengers are charged way more than they should