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E-business Models

There are four generic business webs or e-business models which are used by various companies.

E-business Models

       1. Aggregation

The Aggregation business web enables the flow of goods and services from the producers to its customers through an aggregator creating value for both. For example, Egg Financial services which offer insurance, mortgage, credit card and so on.

       2. Agora

The Agora business web is where buyers and sellers come together to negotiate and assign values to various goods. For example, eBay.

      3. Value Chain

All of the partners that is the chip manufacturer, distributor, component manufacturer and system integrator act like one firm to create value for the customer. For example, Cisco.

      4. Alliance

Prosumers come together to build or develop a product where the prosumers are both consumers and producers of the product or service. For example, the Linux Operating System.


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